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OPTIMAL SYSTEMS LAB is a small group of mathematicians and engineers with expertise in advanced mathematics, physics and electronics. We specialize in creating competitive opportunities for industrial, medical, military and financial clients.

Our expertise and direct experience extend to diverse specialties, including digital signal processing, electronic design, communication and networking, biomedical engineering, inertial guidance and navigation, image processing, and financial modeling. We work with you to create breakthrough intellectual property embodied in practical solutions, combined with a complete package of mathematics, documentation, software and hardware design, to put you ahead quickly, and cost-effectively.

Our knowledge and experience allow us to gain a rapid perspective on your technologies and issues, and to create a solution tailored precisely to your exact needs. For example, if your product is a 3-D metrology system requiring a precise calibration methodology, we can derive the required procedures, tolerances and algorithms to create the most accurate result possible – including optical design constraints, procedures, algorithms and fixtures.

Our client engagement philosophy is to enter a project at whatever point you need us, from early scope-of-work definition through panic integration. At each stage we take the time necessary to understand your particular needs, requirements and unique technologies, seeing a project through all phases – from design through integration, clinical trial, to flight test.